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Do you STruggle to REspect Your Parents?

Even when you love your parents, they very often are the main source of conflict in your life! (Often those conflicts are disguised as your inner critic or judge.

So think about the significance of being told to respect your parents.

The very people who may have failed to protect you in some way, who may have hurt you deeply, who may have disappointed you, or who may drive you crazy, who set expectations you never feel that you can meet – or whatever else, are the very people that you are “commanded” to respect. 

A Torah TEACHING About Personal journeys (parshat Masei)

“Eleh Masei”  “These are travels/journeys” (my translation) is how Numbers 33:1 (Parshat Masei) begins. What follows is a list. Of places.  Boring, right?  Who wants to read a list? We want narrative. Story!  We want what my 14 yr old daughter would call “the juice”… Continue Reading “A Torah TEACHING About Personal journeys (parshat Masei)”

It only takes one minute to change your life

So, when you shift your awareness from what’s happening outside you to what’s happening inside you, you get to bring your mind and body together. When that happens, you connect with a deeper intuition and a deeper wisdom.

From powerless to empowered

One day when I was in fifth grade, I noticed that the teacher was being unusually unkind to my best friend at the time who was also the top student in the class. This friend was usually very well liked by all the teachers,… Continue Reading “From powerless to empowered”

You can have the conversation yourself!

Sometimes when someone hears about what I do, they get an idea of someone they know that I can help. Often those ideas are about people who they are close to – a spouse, sibling, child or best friend – who could really benefit… Continue Reading “You can have the conversation yourself!”