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From powerless to empowered

One day when I was in fifth grade, I noticed that the teacher was being unusually unkind to my best friend at the time who was also the top student in the class. This friend was usually very well liked by all the teachers,… Continue Reading “From powerless to empowered”

You can have the conversation yourself!

Sometimes when someone hears about what I do, they get an idea of someone they know that I can help. Often those ideas are about people who they are close to – a spouse, sibling, child or best friend – who could really benefit… Continue Reading “You can have the conversation yourself!”

How do i get him to listen?

Knowing that I teach and talk about Difficult Conversations she asked, “So how do I get him to listen?”

How do you navigate change?

View from inside a sailboat of the sails and the sea

Think of a sailboat at sea. The sailor has no control over the winds, the tide, the weather or other boats. But, the sailor has full control over the sails and the rudder. The sailor steers the boat according to her instincts and her judgment.

Are you controlling the rudder and the sails in your own life, or are you letting the storms carry you in all directions?

How to Close the Performance gap

woman lying down at a gap in rock by the water

Does it sometimes feel like your employees are lying down on the job? There are so many things that they could be doing to help your business! And, nothing you say or do seems to make a difference? It’s so frustrating, isn’t it?!! During… Continue Reading “How to Close the Performance gap”