Why Am I Always Anxious?

We are taught to see our value and self-worth through the eyes of others. As we receive messages praising, approving or criticizing, we form a sense of who we are from the response of those around us.

Consequentially, we come to rely on people outside ourselves for messages that we are worthy, that we belong, that we deserve caring. We develop a pattern of looking for affirmation, praise, compliments from outside ourselves.

When we don’t receive what we seek, we feel sad, anxious, and alone.

When we seek worth and value from outside ourselves, we set ourselves up to never fully have what we want. It’s never enough.

When we do receive the praise, affirmation, compliments and positive energy that others bring to us we are still anxious because we don’t know when it might disappear.

When it disappears, we don’t know how to create it for ourselves from within ourselves.

And so we stay anxious.

Yet, we have a choice. We can learn to cultivate a sense of self-worth that doesn’t rely on anyone and personal power that no one can take away.

When we have an internal sense of our own values and know that we are living in our integrity, then we are free.

We are free from the anxiety of a hurt ego. Others can still hurt us, but they can’t shame us or diminish our self-worth.

What’s your choice?

Will you stay anxious or will you cultivate a sense of self-worth and a personal power that come from within you?

Contact me for a complimentary coaching session to strategize an individual plan for you to build your personal power and let go of anxiety.

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