Step Right Up!

Leah Zimmerman Headshot
Photo credit: Leila Sack

Do you feel frustrated and stymied because you see possibilities and opportunities in your business, but the others – who may also be your family – can’t see it?

Maybe you see ways to grow your business, but you need to get the others on board?

Maybe there is a lot of conflict at work, and you wish you just could end it?

Or, maybe you are in a succession planning process that has stalled?

It’s hard to know that there is a better possibility and then feel unable to show others the way. It is disheartening and dis-empowering.

I get it.


I want you to know that it is entirely possible for you to grow your leadership so that you can change all that.

There is a way to move others, to grow and flourish in your business despite all the challenges!

And the answer lies with you.

That may feel counterintuitive to you when you are the one with the vision and ideas, and it’s the others around you who are resisting.

I get it. I’ve been there.

But, I also know that you can be the change that makes all the other changes happen.

I have changed my life several times despite obstacles and challenges that I thought were immovable. I have learned from experience that when you decide to lead, you can affect the people around you.

What I have learned from my journey and from the many others that I have coached is that when you feel free to speak with power, you can influence, impact and inspire others no matter what your title or position.

If that doesn’t feel possible to you, it’s because you are living life according to the script that you’ve already learned.

Get ready to break the script of the role you’ve been playing and create a new one!

Let’s upgrade your leadership, communication and presence so you can write the script that gives you the role you want and that you deserve.

My services work with your special and unique circumstances to give you the custom made stepping stool you need to step up and reach your goals.

I believe that we all have the capacity to communicate in a way that connects deeply with others.

I believe that when we do, we can effect more change in our families, in the community and in the world than we ever imagined possible.

When we all speak with our authentic and powerful voices, we connect with each other, reach our goals and make the world a better place.

As a certified Executive Coach who specializes in communication and leadership development, I work with family businesses and leaders who want to grow their business and have an impact on the world by learning how to have difficult conversations and influence others with grace and ease.

When you know that you can handle any conversation or any discomfort that arises, you develop a confidence and an air of relaxed authority that builds your presence and stature as a leader. 

(Ask me how I can help with succession planning!)

I believe that we all have the capacity to communicate in a way that influences, inspires and impacts others. I believe that when we do, we can effect more change in the world than we ever imagined possible. The world needs and deserves to hear all of our voices.

Contact me to start building your stepping stool and take a step toward rewriting your script and changing the conversation!