Create a harmonious and prosperous life one conversation at a time.

Conversations that help you have a better relationship with yourself and your family and help you move forward in your creative work or business.

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Everything that happens in your business and in your life THROUGH other people happens one conversation at a time. 

You Have Conversations With YOURSELF


Resolve the internal struggles that drain your time, energy and focus. 

Sometimes the conflict that is draining our energy, depleting our mindspace, and derailing our focus is the one we don’t know that we’re having. It’s the judgments and criticisms we carry about ourselves: “I should be getting this done…”, “I know what I need to be doing, I’m just not doing it.” “I wasted my time! I need to organize my time better…"

Resolve the inner conflicts and find more energy and creativity in your business and in your relationships. 

Family Conversations 

Resolve conflicts and build deeper connections.


Conflicts happen when something matters enough to fight for it. The judgments, resentments and emotions that come up for us give us important information. They point us to what and who matters to us the most. 

"How could he...?", "She always does this!", "They should know better!", "Ugh, I have to talk to my...", "If only X would change!" (You wouldn't care about any of what they do if it didn't matter to you. And, they wouldn't be doing things that bother you if it didn't matter to them.)

Talking about what matters opens opportunities for deeper connection. With a communication and resolving-conflict expert, you can move through conflicts in your family to establish deeper connections.

Leadership Conversations 


Break your habitual patterns and expand your capacity as a leader, a creator and a relationship builder.

The communication that got you here is not the same communication that will create the transformation you need move your business forward. 

"How can I get them to...", "Why don't they listen to me?"  "How do I get them to pay attention?" 

Get help with communicating more powerfully. Learn how to better inspire, influence and impact your team, audience or stakeholders.

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Hi, I'm Leah!

I am an expert communicator with training in resolving conflict. Through my training and experience in education, theater, and leadership, I have learned that it isn't about what you say or how you say it, it is about who you are being when you say it. I've always had something to say and have spent my life learning how to become someone who says things so people can hear them. Now I help people do the same thing.