Stepping Stool Coaching – Step Up Your Conversations To Reach New Heights

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Because everything in your business and in your life happens one conversation at a time. 

And, when you can have impactful conversations effortlessly, you can make miracles happen in life and in your business.

It isn’t only what you say and how you say it, it is who you are BEING when you say it. 

Hard Conversations Made Easy

That moment you go to open your car and you can’t find your keys? Only to find they were in your hand the whole time.

What happened? Your attention and energy were hijacked by that conflict you have with someone on your team. 

I help high level executives reclaim their energy and attention so that they can supercharge their leadership and get results faster.

Become a leader who resolves conflicts, handle difficult conversations with ease and makes hard decisions with grace.

You are being called to bigger and newer ambitious projects.
Everything feels harder
than it should be.
You struggle with yourself.
You struggle with relationships.

Make the Hard Conversation Easy

For Business Leaders

I am a sought out advisor for CEO’s who want to be honest with themselves, reflective and own their integrity You have a mission to leave this world better than you found it. To do that, through your business or enterprise, you have many conversations with many different kinds of people. And, ALL those conversations are influenced by how you talk to yourself.

For Family Businesses

Family dynamics can make working together very tricky.
“He’s not stepping up!”
“She’s not letting go!”
"They should know better!",
“How am I going to tell X….?”
Any of those sound familiar?

Create a Harmonious and Prosperous Life One Conversation at a Time.

This is a safe place to practice having your difficult conversation.

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Success Stories

SALLY Business Owner and Single Parent of a Teenager

Wow, we’ve done a lot together! From working with you, I have found how to follow my own authentic voice instead of my highly rational mind. I’ve become aware and focused on what’s truly important to me. When we started,
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RAY Second Generation in a Family Business/Father

Leah provided my team and I with a big boost. In a small family business in generational transition, there’s lots of communication challenges to work through. Leah helped us make sure communication lines between
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WOW! The last 6-months have been a game changer! I began coaching with Leah in February 2020, with some very simple goals: organization, time management, etc. But what I got instead was a life-changing perspective on how
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RON --

Leah’s way of coaching is like that of the best directors. They don’t tell a performer or show them how to play a scene or deliver a line, they ask questions, suggest alternative perspectives, and direct the performer
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Leah is an excellent listener who quickly draws insights from a lot of information and helped me to do the same. She was very good at getting me to recognize and value my accomplishments while also encouraging development and
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The session was really easy & conversational, but Leah focused on real core issues & goals though the conversation was wide-ranging. All the insights were truly my own. It was a very rewarding experience!


Leah is a great coach! Her gentle and positive approach has helped me gain insights to become better at handling day to day challenges. She encourages me to be the best I can be!


Leah’s unique ability to calmly and lovingly help me to focus on my struggles in a positive way was empowering. She helped me to realize that, just as light dispels darkness, positive affirmations are more
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Leah was excellent in assesing my current state of emotions. As I was feeling a bit anxious about my current tasks at hand i.e. work, kids, household duties, she really heped me to meditate and focus on my ultimate goal which
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Leah was most valuable by helping me to see the positive side of my current situation so that I feel more excited and up to the challenge of figuring out my next steps. She helped me to see how I allow certain specific fears to
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Leah was able to understand me on a deeper level than even my therapist! And she helped me to think of my issues in a very positive light. I felt that her feedback and ability to articulate my deeper feelings and fears helped
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Leah helped me clarify my sense of purpose and how I can best manifest my strengths. She asked insightful questions that helped me see where my thinking was limiting my horizons. She gave me specific strategies to help
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Leah helped me to identify root cause, understand my needs, and explore the opportunities for growth. She has an encouraging word to share, an open mind, and a listening ear which allowed me to feel supported while being coached!