It only takes one minute to change your life

“How?” You ask.

With a mindful minute.

What is mindfulness, really?

It’s about body-ness.

You’re in your mind, your work and cognitively thinking so much that you sometimes miss coordinating what’s going on with the rest of your body!

Mindfulness is being aware of what your mind is doing, connecting it with the body, with the senses and with its surroundings.

It’s bringing the mind into a conversation about what’s happening right now instead of following the conversations of the mind.

When you shift your awareness from what’s happening outside you to what’s happening inside you, you get to bring your mind and body together.

You tap into a deeper wisdom and intuition.

And if you can handle one moment, you can handle the next moment.

Because the more present you are in this moment, the more available and resourceful you are for the next minute.

So here’s what you do. Set a timer for one minute. (Or less if you prefer. It doesn’t really matter how much time you use to start.)

Count how many breath cycles happen in that minute. One inhale and one exhale count as one cycle of breath.

Allow the breath to operate on its own. Just watch it.

Notice what happens

Where your mind goes and what it thinks about.

Notice your energy.

If you feels antsy, and don’t like being still that’s fine.

Actually, it’s quite common.

There’s no way that’s right.

And there’s no way that’s wrong.

You just do it.

And, notice.

Then when you want you do it again, and you notice again.

Notice what’s the same.

Notice what’s different.

Over time you become the observer.

You become the one who’s aware and notices your thoughts.

Becoming aware and noticing is the beggining of a big shift that can change your life.

It changed mine.

One minute at a time.

Give it a try.

Let me know how it goes!

Are you interested in learning more about how mindfulness can help you manage uncomfortable feelings and have difficult conversations? Click here: Let’s Chat!

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Leah is a certified Executive Coach who specializes in leadership, communication and resolving conflict. Clients who work with Leah move from being mentally and emotionally overwhelmed by self-doubt, struggle and conflict (inner or outer) to developing a confidence and an air of relaxed authority that builds their presence and stature as leaders. They go on to build confidence and empowered conversations that create harmonious relationships and prosperous businesses. Leah specializes in working with the next generation in the family business who find their voice and gain influence in their families through coaching. 

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