Stepping Stool Coaching – Step Up Your Conversations To Reach New Heights


Sometimes when someone hears about what I do, they get an idea of someone they know that I can help.

Often those ideas are about people who they are close to – a spouse, sibling, child or best friend – who could really benefit from empathy, support and seeing things from a new perspective.

And, that can be a great referral!


….the person talking to me has a pretty strong opinion about how their dear one should be doing things.  

…they think that I could help their loved one to see things more clearly

…they think that maybe with my help their loved one would be able to change their behavior

I understand why talking to a dear relative or friend can be challenging.

When we give our opinions, they don’t really want to listen.

They get defensive.

It becomes an argument.

Yeah, not that fun.

And people know I won’t be trying to tell their dear one what to do, but I will help them discover for themselves what they want to do.

(Or they think that their loved one will listen better to an outside expert!

The thing is, you don’t need me to change that friend or relative’s perspective.

I can help you be an influential leader who can have conversation that can leave an impact and make a change.

You can have a conversation where your mother will hear that you fear for her safety and would like her to stop driving.

You can have the conversation with your sister about how she spends her money.

You can have the conversation with your employee about how they can improve.

You don’t have to be the one in charge or the one with authority.

You just have to learn how to listen with empathy, show support and ask questions to help them see things from a new perspective.

You can be an influential leader no matter your relationships or title.

Leah Zimmerman is an Intergenerational Resolving Conflict Expert and Family Business Advisor who makes hard conversations easy. She blends her background in education, theater, personal development and spirituality to create transformational conversations for individuals, teams and families. Find Leah on Linkedin at to learn more.