How to improve your relationship

african american couple arguing at home

You know that relationship that you think can’t change?

The one that doesn’t feel the way that it should?

Where you have the same argument again and again?

It’s so frustrating, right?

You feel powerless to change it. 

No matter how you say things, the other person gets upset.

Or maybe it’s the other way around?

You get upset at almost anything they do. 

Too often we believe that these relationships are stuck, and we wait, hope for the other person to change.

We want them to see how they are wrong, how they are hurting us so that they can change their behavior.

We may even get frustrated and lose our shit.

(Or is that just me?)

And when this is someone in our business, our productivity and our revenue suffers.

We are so used to thinking this is “just how it is.”

I want to tell you that it CAN change.

My clients do it all the time.

The key thing I help my clients do is build their influence and their ability lead others towards stronger communication, better relationships and a more prosperous business.

I did it in my own life and now I help my clients to do it.

And, it all starts with listening. 

Not getting the other person to listen, but with how WE listen to them.

You’re thinking, “Oh, that won’t change anything…”

It does.

I did it in my life, and my clients do it all the time.

You can’t start by changing someone else, you start by affecting something that is within your control: how you show up.

By changing how you show up in the relationship, you affect change in the others around you.

You CAN lead yourself and others into harmonious relationships and properous businesses.

If you give me the honor of hearing your story over coffee, I will give you some tips you can start using right away to deepen your listening.

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