Stepping Stool Coaching – Step Up Your Conversations To Reach New Heights

For Family Businesses

Resolve conflicts and build deeper connections.

Boost your conversations by listening to this 332 seconds meditation

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Family dynamics can make working together very tricky.

“He’s not stepping up!”
“She’s not letting go!”
"They should know better!",
“How am I going to tell X….?”
"If only X would change!"

Any of those sound familiar?

Maybe you are a Founder who is frustrated that your child doesn’t seem to have the leadership to take over the business?

Or a second generation owner whose parent says that they will retire, but then they don’t let go?

Conflicts happen when something matters enough to fight for it. If it didn’t matter, it wouldn't be hard.

The judgments, resentments and emotions that come up for us give us important information. They point us to what and who matters to us the most.

Talking about what matters opens opportunities for deeper connection.

I am a professional decoder of people’s personal operating systems.

I help you understand how someone else works so that you know how to link your internal operating system with theirs.

That means you know how to say things so that they can actually hear what you have to say!

When you know how to talk about what matters, you can turn conflict into an opportunity for deeper connection.

What People Say

Leah provided my team and I with a big boost. In a small family business in generational transition, there’s lots of communication challenges to work through. Leah helped us make sure communication lines between generational leaders and staff stay effective, clear and kind. Leah’s skill for identifying and discussing the real issues in a way that makes sure everyone is heard and respected helps us determine the best next steps and commit as a team. I also felt and saw Leah’s coaching impact other areas of my life positively, from parenting to marriage, some of her techniques even helped my golf game somehow. The return on investment for our company and team was extraordinary and I’m grateful for her help. Leah also made sure to check in often after our engagement to see how things are going and be helpful. While I hope our communication remains at a high level, she’s a first and easy call when we’re navigating something tough.

Ray Lanz