How do you navigate change?

View from inside a sailboat of the sails and the sea

Are you ready to reclaim your power?

Uncontrollable change is inevitable. Whether we can see it or not, change is always happening around us and within us.

What is ALWAYS within our control is how we respond to the circumstances beyond our control.

Think of a sailboat at sea. The sailor has no control over the winds, the tide, the weather or other boats. But, the sailor has full control over the sails and the rudder. The sailor steers the boat according to her instincts and her judgment.

Are you controlling the rudder and the sails in your own life, or are you letting the storms carry you in all directions?

Do other people’s emotions overpower you, or do you navigate them like they are weather?

Do you behave reactively to what happens in your life, or do you show up in a way that reflects who you want to be in the world?

Is your sense of self-worth subject to the approval of others, or do you steer according to your own values?

If the sailor doesn’t steer and navigate the winds well, the boat could capsize. The occupants could be lost at sea.

If you keep struggling against the change around you, you sacrifice your health, your well being and your sense of self-worth.

Will you reclaim your power, root yourself in your purpose and like the trunk of a tree grow tall and strong?

I coached a client who was new in her position.

She felt that everyone around her was nervous, not trusting her and not believing that she knew what she was doing.

She told me about the moments when her supervisors and colleagues asked questions or made comments that led her to question herself.

She gave away her power when she let other people’s comments and concerns influence how she felt about the job that she was doing.

She let what they thought, how they behaved, what they said determine her response and her actions.

In our conversation, she recognized how she gave away her power and shifted her focus onto reclaiming it.

She connected with her purpose and her confidence. She took charge of how she showed up at work: what emotions she brought with her and how she communicated with others.

And you know what happened?

When she changed how she showed up, everyone’s reactions to her changed as well!

When she showed up confident and clear in her communications, she won over the opinions of others and started to get the affirmations that she needed.

How about you?

Are you ready to reclaim your power and change how you show up for yourself and for others?

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