Achieve or regret? Which do you choose.

What’s your big goal, the big thing that you’d really like to do?

That goal that while you read this knocks at the door and say “Remember me? Remember me?”

Yeah, that one.

Are you on your way to it?

Will it be your greatest achievement or your biggest regret?
People don’t regret the things they did in life, they regret the things that they didn’t do.
Which will this be for you?

So what’s in your way?
“I don’t have time.”
“I can’t afford it.”
“My family would kill me.”
“I’d suck at it anyway.”
“I’d look foolish.”
“I’m not like So and So.”
You might even have some bigger and more creative excuses!

Listen, your dream is your human spirit reaching for it’s potential.

Will you go for it?

Maybe you won’t reach the specific outcome that you imagine, but there may be other possible outcomes you won’t ever discover if you don’t go for it.

All the excuses are usually manifestations of some kind of fear. Which is yours?

Fear of failure?
Fear of success?
Fear of imperfection?
Fear of exposure?
Fear of embarrassment?
Fear of change?

When I was 16 the sentence, “I want to be a dancer, but I can’t” was one breath, one single thought that it was something I wasn’t allowed to do it. How would I make a living?

It turned out that I could find venues for training and growing and also work part-time.

It turned out that we moved to Southern California where there are theaters everywhere, a lot of talent, and opportunities to explore, express and grow.
It turned out when I did follow my intuition and spirit, that I loved acting. I could bring the same expression of body and mind through a character’s language as well as I could through the character’s movements.

When I knocked down one wall of belief after another, I emerged as myself.

I would never have earned that support if I hadn’t taken some steps of faith on my own if I hadn’t just kept on going with determination. I had to face the fears myself. Once I did, I found there was more support for me than I had imagined among my family and friends.

So you have a choice.

1) You can not do anything and give your power over to the fear. You can build regrets. Have the question of “what if” or the “I could have, but I didn’t.”

2) You can conquer the fear. Face the demons and bash one at a time. Stare fear down and move forward despite it. Leave it behind in your wake.

3) Or, you can learn to live with the fear. Make the fear your friend and your partner. Travel together as you explore your possibilities.

Which choice are you going to make?

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