About Leah Zimmerman

Photo Credit: Leila Sacks

I am a coach, educator, and performer whose mission is to move, inspire and empower people to be their best selves personally and professionally.  

I bring to coaching a background in the visual and performing arts, and extensive experience as an educator.  Always searching for ways to spark creativity and support all kinds of learning, coaching provides me the opportunity to uplift people on their personal journeys as they discover and unleash their potential.

In addition to working towards excellence in my professional fields, I have the experience of making significant changes in my own life.  For example, I have altered my relationship to food and eating, transformed my body weight and my singing voice and guided my own recovery from a Fibromyalgia related body shut down when I could barely walk. I now derive tremendous satisfaction using the insight and skills I have gained from my own journey to support others along their own paths towards personal and professional growth.

Throughout my personal and professional life I have been in awe of the power and resiliency of the human spirit. I have worked with people of all ages on the Autistic Spectrum, with ADHD, dementia, mental illness, addiction and a variety of physical and learning disabilities. With whomever I encounter, I always learn more about how we each create our own meaning and our own path in the world.

As a performer and mom living in Southern California (though at heart I am a New Yorker through and through) the mountains and expansive skies invite me every day to aspire to great heights in all I do.

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