You Are Enough

Read the text below giving yourself at least 5 seconds after each phrase to look back at the focus point you chose, relax your gaze and let the words sink into your full experience. To really feel a shift, let yourself read things slowly then repeat it in your body, letting each word resonate within yourself. (Each time you do this exercise, you will feel more of a shift).

You Are Enough
We see the back of a woman looking out to the sea.
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

What would it feel like to believe that you already are good enough just the way you are?

That you already have within you all the tools for realizing more of your goals and aspirations?

Let yourself breathe and settle into that feeling.

Allow yourself the acceptance.

If you care enough to be here, than you deserve this.

You are already enough.

How does being enough affect the way that you feel about yourself?

How might it change the way you behave in the world to believe that you are enough? What might it look like to the people in your life and for the people that you meet when you behave that way in the world?

Take a moment to write any insights you want to remember.

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