You Are Enough

Read the text below giving yourself at least 5 seconds after each phrase to look back at the focus point you chose, relax your gaze and let the words sink into your full experience. To really feel a shift, let yourself read things slowly then repeat it in your body, letting each word resonate within yourself. (Each time you do this exercise, you will feel more of a shift).

We see the back of a woman looking out to the sea.
Photo by Daria Nepriakhina on Unsplash

You Are Enough for the people you manage to look at you and see that you have that feeling within yourself?

How might it change the way you behave as a leader? How might it change the dynamic with your co-workers and team members if you could come from this place when you communicate with each other and/or spend time together?

How might it change your relationship with your supervisors? How might it help you in that dynamic to go into every conversation knowing that you already are enough? What might your supervisors see that they haven’t noticed before?

How might it change the way a prospective employer/friend/lover/partner sees you if they met you while you carried this feeling that you are enough?

Take a moment to write any insights you want to remember.

Contact me if you want to explore more your insight around changes and how to bring them into your life. 



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