What’s Your Vision?

I was sitting with coffee and my computer at my preferred local Starbucks when a man sitting nearby, wondered how could I see what I was doing on my small electronic screen. This began a conversation about eyesight and the bullet created eye injury he incurred while serving in Afganistan.

For fifteen minutes or so, I listened to this man talk about his life as a policeman, and his service in the military as a Navy SEAL. He described being under fire, and how he has been trained to spot threats. As he explained that anyone could walk into the Starbucks and threaten our safety, I noticed that he was conveniently seated so that he could observe all three entrances.

Having trained so hard and so effectively, he now saw the possibility of threat everywhere and was always on alert.

We all feel threatened by something in the world: ridicule, criticism, embarrassment, failure heartbreak, etc. We keep a watch for potential threats and prepare ourselves to face them. 

If we can use this strategy so effectively as a means to keep ourselves safe, imagine what else this strategy could do for us in life!!

What would happen if instead of noticing what we fear in our lives, we noticed what we want to have in our lives?

What might change if we took time to notice and remember the moments around us that acknowledge, affirm and encourage our life’s purpose?

A number of years ago, at a particularly low point in my life, I started writing down the most meaningful moment of my day.  As I trained myself to notice what was meaningful to me in my life, I started noticing more of these moments appear.

Over time, I took bigger risks with people as I knew it was connections with others that sparked those meaningful moments for me.

Years later, I have rich, deep relationships that I treasure, and a life focused on what is most meaningful to me.

What is your vision? What will you notice?

If you start by noticing every little piece of experience, however tiny, that is what you want, you will find that your vision of what exists in the world will change.

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