WOW! The last 6-months have been a game changer! I began coaching with Leah in February 2020, with some very simple goals: organization, time management, etc. But what I got instead was a life-changing perspective on how to run my business on my terms. Before coaching with Leah I was feeling stuck in running my business (I’m a full time Voice Actor, Coach, and Producer). I felt like I was running an uphill battle – I felt tired most days, and honestly I was facing major burnout. But when I started with Leah all of that changed – yes we covered the basic – how to simplify my life in order to make space for the things that matter, but we also dug so much deeper. Through guided meditations, prompts, and asking all the right questions, Leah was able to push past the BS and find the heart of what was holding me back. We’ve worked intensely on releasing blocks, clearing away negative money mindsets, and finding my own empowerment so that I can lead my business as that – a leader. Working with Leah has pushed me leaps and bounds closer to achieving everything I want in life. She accelerates your path by helping you clear the path. I am so grateful to her. She is kind, compassionate, offers fresh perspectives, and isn’t afraid to probe you to find the real reason you may be self-sabotaging. I can’t recommend her enough. This has been absolutely life changing.