Sally – Business Owner and Single Parent of a Teenager

Wow, we’ve done a lot together! From working with you, I have found how to follow my own authentic voice instead of my highly rational mind. I’ve become aware and focused on what’s truly important to me. When we started, I was struggling with how to feel more optimistic about my life. I was overwhelmed with new transitions coming at me: separating from my husband, starting my own business unexpectedly, my new role as a single mom and significant changes in my friendships. You provided a space where I could be authentic, vulnerable and completely understood in non-judgmental way. You got it. Your particular ability to say back to me in a new and sort of optimistic way what I am thinking helped me to see my life in a much more positive new way. You could see the essence of what’s going on which enabled me to get to the heart of the matter. You fed it back to me in a way that resonated that led me to look at it closer and examine it until I found out how I authentically felt about it. I learned a new way to motivate myself in a work setting. I lightened up on myself. The insight you gave me into parenting was spot on and extremely useful and I’ve seen results on that. One of the biggest things I learned from you. I had a complete confusion about what I thought I should thought I should be doing as a parent as opposed to letting go of that control, allowing my kid to be who she is and supporting that. My relationship with my daughter has really improved, we are much closer. I am much more relaxed as a parent.