Ray – Second Generation In a Family Business/Father

Leah provided my team and I with a big boost. In a small family business in generational transition, there’s lots of communication challenges to work through. Leah helped us make sure communication lines between generational leaders and staff stay effective, clear and kind. Leah’s skill for identifying and discussing the real issues in a way that makes sure everyone is heard and respected helps us determine the best next steps and commit as a team. I also felt and saw Leah’s coaching impact other areas of my life positively, from parenting to marriage, some of her techniques even helped my golf game somehow. The return on investment for our company and team was extraordinary and I’m grateful for her help. Leah also made sure to check in often after our engagement to see how things are going and be helpful. While I hope our communication remains at a high level, she’s a first and easy call when we’re navigating something tough.