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How do i get him to listen?

Knowing that I teach and talk about Difficult Conversations she asked, “So how do I get him to listen?”

Is it a Gift

Are you giving your children the room and permission to communicate their true thoughts and feelings? Have you asked them for feedback?
Are you non-judgmental in hearing what they have to say?
Are you open to hearing that perhaps they wish to sell the business or take it in a new direction?

The business is like a baby to many founders so these messages can be hard to hear.

Why Mindfulness?

Why Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a big buzzword right now and can mean a lot of different things. I realize that I have been thinking of it in a few different ways and want to clarify why I share it as an important tool. Mindfulness… Continue Reading “Why Mindfulness?”

Build Influence With This Simple Tool

When someone makes you feel seen, heard and understood, you trust them and you invest in them. So how do you use this knowledge as a leader? I learned the power of the phrase, “I see” from a book on developing classroom community by… Continue Reading “Build Influence With This Simple Tool”

Leaders! Why aren’t you giving that feedback?

What’s the feedback that you’re not giving your team members?   Why aren’t you dealing with it? What’s holding you back? Are you not giving feedback because you feel that “they should already know what to be doing and not be doing? You shouldn’t… Continue Reading “Leaders! Why aren’t you giving that feedback?”