Step Right Up 2!

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I empower and support professional women, in reaching their goals in both their professional and personal lives. I am a change agent. 
I work with women to develop confidence and trust in themselves to be the leaders and influencers that they want to be. 
Coaching is a powerful tool for making changes in your life.
Imagine a safe space that supports your growth, acknowledges your strengths and clarifies your potential.
Imagine a safe space for envisioning and becoming the leader and influencer that you want to be.
That is what a coaching conversation provides. 
What changes do you most want to see in your life right now?  
Coaching could be just the tool you need to support you as you motivate and empower yourself to move past self-doubt and fear towards living the life you want. 
Remember when you were young, and you sometimes used a step stool to reach higher places?
Imagine something as simple as a step stool that gave you just the boost you need to reach for a higher place. 
As an adult, you still have mountains to climb, peaks to find, and new heights to discover. Do you know who you want to be and could you benefit from a metaphorical step stool?
Contact me to learn more about how coaching might help you move forward in your life. In the meantime, explore the Stepping Into Peaceful Living part of my site for some tools that can start using right away. 

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Leah is a Certified Positive Psychology Coach who specializes in working with highly educated professional moms who want ato take big steps in their personal or professional lives. Leah blends her backgrounds in leadership development, education and the performing arts with evidence-based practices to help women lead more integrated lives. 

Contact Leah for a complimentary coaching session and to learn more about coaching.

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