Sprout Life

Close up of sprouts (maybe beans) just an inch off the ground.
Photo by Francesco Gallarotti on Unsplash
What is the life energy that opens in a seed and moves up, pushing its way through the ground to find the light? What is the source of this driving energy?
Is it related to what keeps someone going despite the overwhelming challenges that they face?

How does a woman who couldn’t even lift herself out of a chair, stand or take a few steps on her own start to teach herself to eat and walk all over again? How does someone whose income disappeared get through each day and find resources to survive? How does someone who hits rock bottom, find the will to climb back up?

The person in the story might say, “I had no choice. I had to keep going. What else am I going to do?”

If there is “no choice” than what is it? Somehow despite feeling that one has reached a physical, mental, or health disaster point, something within can sprout new life prompting drive and perseverance. Could it be a similar energy to what pushes a sprout through the ground into the light?

Maybe just as the sun shines energy, there is an energy that moves through living beings, keeping us growing like a sprout.

Maybe the energy that moves through living beings is always there, always dynamic just not in ways that measure change. Perhaps a tree is not as still as it looks, nor is the image we see in the mirror that seems to be the same day after day. Maybe things that we perceive to be separate and apart, a tree, a person, an animal, are interconnected through the life energy that moves within and between us, or simply that it’s something we all have within us.

I wonder if we are so focused on our day to day problems that we miss noticing the energy that holds us up against gravity, moves us forward, keeps us wanting, yearning, and looking ahead. Instead we think hard about what we need to do, about our problems, about the things going wrong. Ultimately, the thoughts themselves about our problems become the biggest obstacles we face.

Our bodies know how to sense danger and react, they know to be hungry, to feel full, to fight colds and disease, how to feel love, how to feel happy and sad, how to keep moving, how to sleep. Our bodies will do all these things. Like the baby who wants to walk, like the sprout in the ground, our bodies connect to a system of energy that wants to keep going.

What if we could trust that system just a bit more, and let go of the need to feel fully responsible for everything that happens to us? To trust that our bodies have a deeper wisdom?

What if just as they know how to survive and heal in many situations, they can lead us towards positive solutions in our day to day experience?

Research shows that our minds and bodies are more connected than we have thought previously.

What if we could trust our own instincts?  How might that change the way we approach our next steps?
What might the freedom from control bring instead?


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  1. Thanks again for the inspirational and uplifting words!

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