Special Moment Memory

One young woman has her arms around another. They lean into each other with their cheeks touching.
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Read the text below giving yourself at least 5 seconds after each phrase to look back at the focus point you chose, relax your gaze and let the words sink into your full experience. To really feel a shift, let yourself read things slowly then repeat it in your body, letting each word resonate within yourself. (Each time you do this exercise, you will feel more of a shift).

Special Moment Memory

What is a recent moment however fleeting that was especially meaningful? Or when you felt at peace? Or maybe you felt authentic joy?

Bring up the memory of a time when you felt strongly connected to someone or something important to you.

While you sit with the soft gaze and alert hearing, let yourself revisit the memory. Bring as much back to yourself as you can.

Where were you?

How did you feel?

What did you hear?

What did you see?

What shapes, contours, textures, colors were a part of the scene?

What kind of background noise, tones of voice?

Let yourself re-experience this moment.

Take a moment to write any thoughts, feelings or insights that you want to remember.nathan-anderson-157614-unsplash

 Recognizing Your Strengths

What made that moment special?

How did it come to be?

What strengths did you bring to creating that moment?

Name the qualities that showed up in you during that moment.

Let yourself hear and take in the qualities that you bring naturally to your shining moments.

Take a moment to write any thoughts, feelings or insights that you want to remember. 

Contact me if you want to explore how to navigate your life so that you can experience more of these kinds of moments. 

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