How to Enjoy Your Crazy Family

You enjoy the holiday seasons but are dreading it anyway because you know spending time with your family always revives discussions, dynamics or arguments that frustrate you and disappoint you.

Your family get-togethers don’t have the warm fuzzy feelings that our society portrays in our media. The same dynamics recur no matter what you try.

You’d like to have stronger bonds and a deeper relationship, but you just can’t do it yourself. So every year, you brace yourself. You’ve given up hope.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Let this year be different for you. 

It is possible to create a human connection with people who hold opinions that you find offensive or uncomfortable.

It is possible to bypass the usual family dynamics to create new ways of communicating.

  • This year you can deepen your connection with family members even if you disagree on fundamental issues.
  • This year you can feel seen, heard and understood.
  • This year you can enjoy the warmth of your family without having to give up your own values.

You can join for one or both parts of this series depending on your schedule!

In the first of the two-part online series, I will show you…

…how empathy and powerful listening can break down barriers.

 …how to manage your emotions so that you make deliberate choices about how to show up and how to react.

In the second webinar, I will show you…

…what’s really happening in your exchanges.

…a framework for understanding people who have different points of view.

Through this series, you will have strategies for being authentically sincere, and grounded and for connecting with the other family members’ humanity.

This program will help you if…

…you value genuine connection.

…you are open to learning how other people think.

…you are willing to reflect on what you bring to the exchange.

But, this short online series is not for everyone.

It won’t work for you if…

…you want something specific like an apology.

…you need to be right and win the argument.

…you don’t want to change at all. It’s all on them.

You CAN’T change your family.

You CAN change how you interact with them so that you can enjoy their company. So often this sets off other shifts that lead you to unexpected treasures.

(All times are PST)

Check back in the fall of 2020 for new times

My mission in life is to connect, move and inspire others. My work is to touch the hearts of people so that their humanity opens to receiving others. I empower people to have deeper and more rewarding relationships with themselves, their work and the people in their professional or personal lives.

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