You may be stuck in neutral because you need to have a difficult conversation but are not confident about having the discussion. Maybe it’s related to business and talking with an employee or vendor. Or maybe it’s a personal conversation that you need to resolve to move forward.

No matter what the situation is there is a difficult conversation you need to have but are unsure how to move forward.

The Communication Lab gives you the opportunity to discuss what is holding you back, give you room to practice with the group, and receive feedback to give you the confidence to have a conversation.

Why the Communication Lab is Impactful

The magic of the communication lab is the various conversations discussed in the session. Each group has a limited number of participants. This is to give each person one-on-one time with Leah.

In listening to the others you also gain new perspective on you and your conversation. Each member of the lab also helps by asking questions and giving positive feedback.

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What Communication Lab Participants Say

Discovering Deeper Truths

“Leah’s workshop came to me right as the winds of change were blowing me along, but I had been clinging to normalcy to my own demise. I discovered a deeper truth in discussing and soul searching with fellow females and came to a strong centered place not only ready for the change that was about to come but well-equipped to navigate the fallout with precise words that needed to be said to my former “other half.” Her support in the time past the initial life change has been warmly appreciated and incredibly timely. There is so much we can do when we let go of our limiting beliefs. Many thanks to Leah and the team of women warriors I was able to meet and grow with that evening. I will forever be grateful.” 

Jessie Pyle

Confidence to Build Relationships

As a small business owner, this workshop helped me better understand the needs of my customers and how to communicate with them. Over the 2.5 hour session, Leah supported me in transforming my approach to and communication with customers from transactional to relational. Thanks to this workshop, I am more confident and comfortable cultivating relationships with potential customers. 

Leah helped me slow down my business brain and helped me switch on my human brain. This shift has let me understand and convey my business’s value proposition better. This has led to better business! I recommend this workshop and Leah as a coach without reservation. The time will fly and you won’t know the change that is possible until you learn with Leah.

Elie Goldman
CEO and Co-Founder of Innerview Education

Your Time is Valuable

Leah is worth every penny and then some. She’s more than worth it. 

But, the question really is time. The issue that brought me to that lab was taking a lot of time and a lot of my energy. So I was spending lots and lots of time on this issue that was troubling me. And the time that was spent in the lab was so efficiently used, and gave me the opportunity to really deal head on with where I was in that issue. The power of doing that in a group was really something surprising to me. There is a power in what we can play off of one another that one doesn’t get in a one on one interaction. This allowed a dynamic where I could practice and I also learned from observing or being a participant in other people’s processes and felt that we were sharing in an experience of understanding, gaining insight and empowerment together and we were more empowered and more insightful because of it. Leah was masterful in knowing how to lead from one person to another in a way that allowed each of us to experience our own questions and processes. In a way that made sense and that flowed emotionally.

Rabbi Betsy Forester
Congregational Leader

Discovering the Core of the Issue

Video testimonial from Amy who participated in the Communication Lab