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You Gotta Have Heart

According to the song, “You’ve Gotta Have Heart,” the star baseball player Joe Hardy is a hero because he has “heart.” Can having “heart” really change one’s life so dramatically?

Yes! If having heart can mean having positive emotions, then it’s true. Research shows that positive emotions expand us. When we are experiencing positivity, we open to possibilities.

My Friend, My Teacher

We stood eye to eye in the slight breeze of a perfectly beautiful day. I felt held in her presence and held her in mine. The sounds of cars on the road and conversations floated in the spacious silence. As much as I could… Continue Reading “My Friend, My Teacher”

What would you change?

What transformation would you like to see in your life? Almost five years ago towards the end of a particularly challenging school year where I had stress at work, at home, in relationships and in my return to theater, my body just slowed down.… Continue Reading “What would you change?”

What are you missing?

How many bits of acknowledgement, encouragement and empowerment are we missing because we can’t really hear them? Recently, I shared something on FB that prompted a former elementary teacher to comment “Leah… I’m not at all surprised by your dedication, sensitivity and compassion. I… Continue Reading “What are you missing?”

Alien Stories

There is a Star Trek Next Generation episode where Captain Picard is captured by the Borg: an alien group structured like a bee hive with a queen bee and a lot of worker bees. They adopt him into their network of non-specific members. At… Continue Reading “Alien Stories”