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Take Back Your Power

Nobody can take away your power without your permission. They can demote you, judge you, shame you, shun you, fire you, or call you names, but you always, ALWAYS have a choice as to how you react and feel. When you feel disempowered it’s… Continue Reading “Take Back Your Power”

Why Mindfulness?

Why Mindfulness? Mindfulness is a big buzzword right now and can mean a lot of different things. I realize that I have been thinking of it in a few different ways and want to clarify why I share it as an important tool. Mindfulness… Continue Reading “Why Mindfulness?”

Achieve or regret? Which do you choose.

What’s your big goal, the big thing that you’d really like to do? That goal that while you read this knocks at the door and say “Remember me? Remember me?” Yeah, that one. Are you on your way to it? Will it be your… Continue Reading “Achieve or regret? Which do you choose.”

Finding a Voice

I had had some voice lesson that hadn’t really helped me achieve my singing goals and was looking for a new voice teacher. I asked my acting teacher at the time for a reference. My acting teacher was based in Manhattan but recommended someone… Continue Reading “Finding a Voice”

Build Influence With This Simple Tool

When someone makes you feel seen, heard and understood, you trust them and you invest in them. So how do you use this knowledge as a leader? I learned the power of the phrase, “I see” from a book on developing classroom community by… Continue Reading “Build Influence With This Simple Tool”