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Is it a Gift

Are you giving your children the room and permission to communicate their true thoughts and feelings? Have you asked them for feedback?
Are you non-judgmental in hearing what they have to say?
Are you open to hearing that perhaps they wish to sell the business or take it in a new direction?

The business is like a baby to many founders so these messages can be hard to hear.

Do You Resist Apologizing?

“We can make a time for you on Monday, is that okay?” “No,” I answered, “but I don’t think I have a choice.” Yeah, I was THAT blunt (but, I said it nicely.) “No,” she agreed. This was at the eye glass store after… Continue Reading “Do You Resist Apologizing?”

What “I’m bored” really means

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Just Do IT already!

Do you have that time when you said to yourself “Just go do IT already?”  You probably said it to yourself because at some point someone said to you, “Just go do IT already.” Or they said “If you want to do IT, do… Continue Reading “Just Do IT already!”

Why Am I Always Anxious?

We are taught to see our value and self-worth through the eyes of others. As we receive messages praising, approving or criticizing, we form a sense of who we are from the response of those around us. Consequentially, we come to rely on people… Continue Reading “Why Am I Always Anxious?”