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Do you STruggle to REspect Your Parents?

Even when you love your parents, they very often are the main source of conflict in your life! (Often those conflicts are disguised as your inner critic or judge.

So think about the significance of being told to respect your parents.

The very people who may have failed to protect you in some way, who may have hurt you deeply, who may have disappointed you, or who may drive you crazy, who set expectations you never feel that you can meet – or whatever else, are the very people that you are “commanded” to respect. 

It doesn’t have to be this way

“That’s just how it is,” says my friend about his family. Is that what you believe about your family also? Or is it with work where you say, “Well, that’s life.” I get it. We don’t know it can be any different. For me,… Continue Reading “It doesn’t have to be this way”

A Dilemma

Last spring when things were starting to open up in California, one of my clients had a dilemma. Two of his key employees did not feel so keen or so safe coming back to work. And the owners in the business, his parents, were… Continue Reading “A Dilemma”